Tourism in Guangxi 广西的旅游
Guangxi is an ideal place for vacationers because of its charming waters and mountains, subtropical seside secenery in Beibu Bay, ancient ethnic customs and the unique Sino-Vietnamese border areas. Guangxi is lovely throuthout the year, with each season offering its own distinctive flavor.
The traditional customs that have been maintained by Guangxi\'s many ethnic communities are also a magnet for both Chinese and foreign tourists. More than 40 scenic spots are scattered throuthout tha region,forming 5 travel divisions centered on Guilin, Nanning, Liuzhou, southeastern Guangxi and the seaside. Scenic spots of national level include Qingxiu Mountain of Nanning, Lijiang River of Guilin, the West Hill of Guiping, Huashan of Ningming and Silver Beach of Beihai. Resorts of regional level include Peach Blossom River of Guilin, Jiangshan Penin sula of Fangcheng, Qingshi Pond of Lingchuan, Hot Spring of Longsheng, Fozi Mountain of Yulin, Xingdao Lake of Hepu, Weizhou Island of Beihai and Fengyu Rock of Lipu.
With 1,020 kilometers of border with Vietnam, Guangxi has experienced booming border tourism with Vietnam in recent years, promoting the region\'s economic and trade development. Only in the first half of the year of 2005, the number of tourists across Friendship Pass was more than 300,000 and Pingxiang Port was the largest contributor to the border tourism income of Guangxi. Through annual trade fairs and tourism festvals held in Pingxiang Port, people of the two countries have come to know each other better while conducting active cooperation in many fields.